LazyFi 2.0 release 🔥

June 17, 2023

Heres the TLDR

  1. Private campaigns are here!
  2. Choose a game that all participants will play
  3. More customisable rewards and higher earning capabilities
  4. Changes to the UI
  5. Edit questions and view answers

LazyFi 2.0

LazyFi has released a new version with several exciting features that are designed to make online learning more engaging and rewarding. Private campaigns are one of the highlights of this release. You can now create private campaigns, which means that you can choose who participates and who doesn’t. This feature is perfect for organizations that want to create tailored learning experiences for specific groups.

Another great feature of this release is the ability to edit questions before publishing the campaign. You can now review and edit questions to ensure that everything is correct before launching the campaign. This feature helps to improve the quality of the learning experience by eliminating errors and inconsistencies.

LazyFi’s new customizable reward options allow you to reward the users who get the highest score with appropriate rewards. You can choose from a range of custom presets and reward those who are learning. This feature adds an element of competition to the learning experience, making it more engaging and motivating for users.

Additionally, LazyFi has made changes to the UI to improve the user experience. These changes include updates to the game selection process, making it easier for participants to choose a game that they will enjoy playing. The updates also include changes to the reward allocation process, enabling participants to earn higher rewards.

Finally, LazyFi now offers a preview feature that enables you to double-check your branding and reward allocation before publishing your campaign. This feature ensures that your campaign is consistent with your branding and that rewards are allocated correctly, helping to enhance the learning experience for participants.

There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s dive in bit by bit.

Private campaigns

Private camapigns are now available! To turn your campaign into a private campaign, click the box in the bottom of the page after the game selection.

Able to edit questions

You can now view and edit questions to make sure everything is correct before publishing the campaign!

To edit your question, navigate to the right side of the question tab and click the icon with a pencil.

Customisable reward options

Our biggest update yet! Now, you are able to reward the users who get the highest score with appropraite amount of rewards. The stakes for learning has never been higher!

Choose custom precets and reward those who are learning!

Previews before publishing

This isnt as exciting as the changes to the game selection and rewards but it was one that has been requested by the community!

Double-check your branding and reward allocation before publishing!

About LazyFi

LazyFi is an educational gaming platform that enables Web3 projects to effortlessly create and deploy their own #LearnToEarn campaign via #PlayToEarn gaming