Activate, engage and retain your audience
through addictive micro games


Activate, engage and retain your community. Give them experiences they will keep coming back for.

Do they understand?

We know how frustrating it is when community members don't read your ressources or content.


Play to Learn&Earn

Use games to inform, test and reward your community.

Our solution

Attention is scarce

Competing with other business for your customers attention is difficult. How will you stand out ?


Everybody loves games

Use micro games to engage your community and collect valuable data around their thoughts and opinions.

Our solution

The focus group fallacy

Who has the time or budget to conduct focus groups around every message or campaign?


Better Engagement

By introducing games into the feedback loop users no longer hit the "not another survey" barrier.

Our solution
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Ludero solutions.

It’s easy. It’s lazy.

Customisable Games

We build online games that clients can configure with learning and rewards.

Simple subscription model

By creating an account clients can access their own unique CMS and Analytics and deploy branded customised games to their users.

Built-in rewards

By building on the NEAR blockchain we have the ability to build in meaningful rewards using both our native token, client tokens, whitelists, NFT’s and a whole host of other prizes.

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