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Gamified learning.

There is a serious lack of useful tools available for Projects or Brands to test and learn how much of their communications are understood by their target audience.

Gamification has long been recognised as a crucial tool in education and learning. Why not apply this to content and engagement?

Do they understand?

It's easy to track clicks and measure engagement but how do you know that your content isn’t falling on deaf ears?


Play to Learn&Earn

By combining play to earn with learning you have a powerful tool to test comprehension and reward engagement and understanding.

Our solution

Attention is scarce

Competing with other business for your customers attention is difficult, getting them to fill out surveys and feedback is even more difficult.



Imagine being able to see what users actually understand and tweak your content and messaging accordingly.

Our solution

The focus group fallacy

Who has the time or budget to conduct focus groups around every message or campaign?


Better Engagement

By introducing games into the feedback loop users no longer hit the "not another survey" barrier.

Our solution

Ludero solutions.

It’s easy. It’s lazy.

Customisable Games

We build online games that clients can configure with learning and rewards.

Simple subscription model

By creating an account clients can access their own unique CMS and Analytics and deploy branded customised games to their users.

Built-in rewards

By building on the NEAR blockchain we have the ability to build in meaningful rewards using both our native token, client tokens, whitelists, NFT’s and a whole host of other prizes.

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Meet the founders.

Reza Datoo

Co-founder & CEO

Elliot Anthonioz

Co-founder & CTO

Davin Broadbent, Co-founder & CMO

Davin Broadbent

Co-founder & CMO

See our roadmap.

Q4 2022
  • 3 mini learn & earn games ✓ Completed
  • MVP ✓ Completed
  • Launch on NEAR testnet ✓ Completed
Q1 2023
  • Launch on NEAR Mainnet ✓ Completed
Q2 2023
  • Expanding multi-chain
  • NFT Collection release
Q3 2023
  • Expanding into traditional markets
  • $LAZY token
  • Extra games
To be announced
  • Token gated campaigns
  • Integrating other types of rewards
  • Lazyfi SDK for community to make their own games
  • Custom NFT characters in game
  • More types of questions

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